My first emails from the X-graders!!

I asked my students to send me emails, sodara – sodara!

This kind of task might be too usual for you. Tapi di STM semacam kami, membuat para pria menanggalkan rasa malasnya dan berangkat ke warnet untuk mengerjakan tugas merupakan hal yang gampang – gampang susah. Well, I did it.

I asked them to write a letter to introduce themselves. Some understood the instructions pretty well, while some others did not. Anyway, since I started this semester by teaching them spelling (which it might sound unsuitable for X graders), reading their letters has been a lot of fun!

A Letter from Anes Furqon

To Miss Eno ,

Hi, my name is anes. I live in jakarta. I was assigned by my teacher to send to my teachers about me.     My full name is Anes furqon . You can call me anes, I am 15 years old. I live with my parents in jakarta. I am the fifth child of five siblings. My mother was a housewife and my father worked as a laborer.
my smk 36 schools in Jakarta, and my hobbies are playing soccer, volleyball and listening to music. ideals I want to be a reliable engine instructor.

I hope my wishes amin is reached, I will always try and learn to be the beast. I think quite so much from me if I am wrong please forgive thanks 🙂

My beast dream



A Letter from Moh. Eko Syahputra

hi, my name MOH.EKO Syahputra. You can call me an EKO. I live with my parents in Jakarta. My first child and I have three sisters, two brothers, one sister.
My father’s work of a public transportation driver, and my mother a housewife.
I lived with them in a small house.
I have a penchant to play a musical instrument, the guitar. but if my favorite sport is volleyball played ball, and I promise I’ll make my achievements in school, which is SMK N 36 Jakarta. I N 36 vocational schools in Jakarta. I majored in TKR, with the number of students there are 36 in TKR 1, and I managed to get in on the order of 8. I had an English teacher who is very clever named Miss Eno, and I was amazed to him, when he said” I CAN MAKE A FOOL OF CHILDREN BEING SMART”.
I wanted to understand the English language correctly.
I think that’s all about me. I request the cooperation with the teacher in English lessons.
thank you
of my
Moh. Eko Syahputra


A Letter from Ajie

Dear Miss Enno,
Hi,my name Ajie, I live in North Jakarta.
My teacher asked our class to
write a letter, and I found
your name on a mailing list friends.
let me introduce my self to you
My name Ajie Subarwi Pratama, you can call me
Tio I was 15 years old, I lived with my parents in jakarta
I’m in jakarta since attending vocational high schools 36 countries.
my grandparents also live in jakarta
I wish I could be President Of Indonesia, my hobbies playing football, table tennis, etc..
I thought it was all about me what about you? I’m waiting for a reply
from you. thank you

Good Luck



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