I havent updated this blog for so long because…

I’m handling my wedding.

Yup, that’s the most logical answer to question above. I found a perfect man, he cant wait to marry me! And within months, we’ll be husband and wife.

Nervous? Pasti. Afraid? Banyak. Doubt? Ya iyalah.

But that’ s what marriage is all about. U’ll be fed up of what you’ll feel before the D-day. We wont use any wedding organizer. It’ll be a simple yet affordable wedding. Here’s an update of what we’ve done:

  1. Venue : A lot in front of my home ^,^/
  2. Undangan : Mas Rocky di Senen. Dia masih muda, terkenal murah. I got my fave, udah jadi dummy awalnya, hanya seharga 3ribu saja πŸ˜€
  3. Rias : Mbak Diyah, deket rumah. I’m her first project, tapi dia biasa Make Up Artist dimana2. Sangatttt affordable. Baju pun bagus2. Ganti 3x
  4. Food n Beverages : Masaaaak.. My Mom asked someone to cook fr us. Tapi bukan catering..
  5. Souvenir : Alfiandra Souvenir di Cipinang.. Murah sangatt πŸ˜€
  6. Seserahan: Tinggal baju koko mas, lil bit cosmetics dan peralatan mandi, and bungkus dehhh
  7. Mas kawin: alhamdulillah emas saja.. =)
  8. Entertainment: masih bingung antara langgam jawa or organ tunggal

Yang ditebelin itu what Im handling. Dari mulai milih sampe mbayarnya πŸ˜€ So proud!



4 thoughts on “I havent updated this blog for so long because…

  1. Hi Ms Retno, I am an English teacher from Malaysia. Your blog is very interesting for ESL Teaching and Learning. Congratulations on your wedding. I saw that you typed ‘Seserahan’ as a part of your to-do-list. I am very curious. Is it the gifts for the bridegroom? In Malaysia we called the gifts as ‘hantaran’. Semoga perkahwinannya berkekalan hingga ke akhir usia. Amin.

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