Life needs to keep moving..

Holiday. 14 days.

It gives me time to think that hidup gw akhir2 ini agak stagnan ya. Pergi ke sekolah, ngajar, ngoreksi, selesai, terima gaji. Satu dua kegiatan. Itu itu aja. Boring.

Hobby? Nah itu dia. Kemarin ketika introducing myself di depan siswa 11 classes (X graders), they all asked about my hobbies. Hobby gw apa? Sleeping for hours, anytime anywhere? Surely that is not such kind of hobby you’d like to discuss with people or be proud of.

Writing? Somehow I dont have time anymore and dont have any ideas, unlike the way I used to be.

Cooking? Oh, didn’t I mention that I just changed tempe orek into caramel tempe? Nice.

Reading? Come on. Spending hours at school, thinking about theses and finding the urge to start doing that make me have no time to open those novels in my shelves.

Jadi ya begitu. Bingung nggak ada hobbies. Nggak ada achievement. Stranded from socmed kaya kaskus. No wifi at my new home. Forced to watch TV from time to time and getting to like Olga’s awful jokes. Engga ah. I must change! I must start a big change for me, for my hubby, for us both. He needs new career. I need new hobby.

Painting sounds like fun. Perhaps I’m going for abstract.

Or.. Gardening? Any kind of hobbies. I’d go for it.

Anyway visitors, bloggers, friends, EID MUBARAK! =)


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