About MsRetnoAyu



I was born on June 21st as the first daughter of Budi Wibowo and Lestari Heny Susilo. More or less for 24 years, I have been a nice big sister for my brother, Kukuh Prasetyo Wibowo, and my little sister, Novira Aulia.

I could not refer myself as a perfect woman. I don’t wear size S. My body is way too curvy than it should be. I gain weight easily. I am not that fashionable. I am definitely clumsy and so-called social awkward penguin. I am – most of the time – a loner. I love the outdoors, but not the type of person who likes physical activities. I picture myself as an irregularity. I believe I was born to be different, to stand up in the spot light. I can be ambitious sometimes. Addicted to coffee, black or latte, moccaccino or arabican, name them. I can write up 10 pages about me, but then you’re not gonna be interested to know me. So let’s just stop here. And move on to my education background.

  •  1993 : Elementary School (at SD Berdikari, Tanjung Priok, Jakarta Utara)

  • 1998 : Junior High School (at SLTPN 129, Jakarta Utara)

  • 2001 : Senior High School (at SMUN 80, Jakarta Utara)

  • 2004 : English Education, English Language and Literature (State University of Jakarta, graduated in 2008 with GPA 3,49)

  • 2011 : Applied Linguistics of English (Atmajaya Catholic University)

 I have been teaching English for 7 years. Institutions and private sessions, most of them. Currently, I teach English at SMKN 36 Jakarta. Hope this one last.

I highly appreciate your visit here. Feel free to contact me =)




  1. wiiidihh, ini nih yg keren… about page’a pake b.inggris. 😀
    salam kenal mbak, ijin follow blog’a biar bisa ngikuti prkmbngn slnjut’a. hehe 😀
    dtunggu kunjungn balik’a. 😀

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